Accounting Practise with a modern digital outlook

I am a straightforward talking and thinking accountant with 30 years’ experience (and still young!). I ask what you want, do it and make sure each year you meet all deadlines. Simple, quick and no fuss.

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Bespoke personal financial services for sole traders, limited companies and partnerships.

Sole Trader

Sole Trader

From £26.50 PCM

We offer a bespoke personal service from registration, sales invoicing, bank transactions processing matching receipts for costs and expenses, payroll and construction industry scheme returns through to the annual taxation returns. We create, comment, and advise on how best to manage cashflow and expenditure to maximize your business potential and minimize the tax effect. We report quarterly to you and charge an affordable inclusive monthly fee. Fully making tax digital compliant for VAT and income tax (wef April 2025). Our lead accountant Katie will manage your account all the way.

Limited Company

Limited Companies

From £52.50 PCM

We offer a bespoke personal service from incorporation, bookkeeping and director payments through to the annual year end accounts and corporate taxation returns, we are alongside you all the way. Steering you through the jargon and statutory requirements so we worry about these, and you can focus on your business and its strengths. Monthly check ins and quarterly reports to keep you informed and in control of your cashflow and the tax impact of any decisions. Fully making tax digital compliant for VAT and corporation tax (wef April 2026). All for an affordable inclusive monthly fee. Our lead accountant Ronnie will manage your account all the way.


From £26.50 PCM

We offer a bespoke personal service from first considering through to set up and registration, we will be alongside you with the pros and cons of running a partnership. From the partner agreements through to the general everyday accounting, bookkeeping and end of year requirements, we will work out if a limited liability partnership or more general partnership is best suited to your needs. Monthly check ins and quarterly reports keep you informed and in control of your cashflow, and the tax impact of any decisions. Fully making tax digital compliant for VAT and income tax (wef April 2025). Katie or Ronnie will manage your account all the way.

accountancy software capium


All our services are managed in the cloud using Capium as our main accounts software with business app to process receipts and create sales invoices. Easy to use, simple language and easily accessible from all devices, the use of this software is included in our affordable monthly inclusive fee.

Other software we use are Xero, Sage and Quickbooks where we can link with your account or create an account on our partner platform. This fee is in addition to our affordable monthly fee.

The aim with all software is to link with your bank account so the transactions are seamlessly pulled through to the software you choose, and we can process these accordingly.

If you have another you use, we will happily work with it alongside you.

About Us

Accounting Practise with a modern digital outlook

After qualifying in 1993 as a Chartered Accountant with a top 20 firm, I took up a role with PriceWaterhouse Coopers in the City of London. I was keen to learn and moved between appointments of clients with them until I left to become a consultant. At the tender age of 29 years, I set up this company and worked around FTSE plc 100 companies in London. I worked in the automobile industry (Ford/Volkswagon/Audi/Mercedes importers and retailers that own the showrooms in Victoria Road Portslade), hotel and leisure (including the Savoy Hotel chain), financial services (RBS and Natwest), recruitment, before deciding I wanted to run a more bespoke service of accounting through running my own Chartered Accountancy practise. I am now a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants – FCA under the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

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In 2012, I created my own accountancy practise and for the first time, ditched 100s of millions of pounds, consolidating accounts from businesses and branches worldwide, and reporting to the Financial Stock Markets, for a simpler life working with ordinary people and visionaries assisting them to live their dreams, whatever these were and whatever their challenges.  It was a move I have never looked back on.

Within my practise are currently two assistants who began working with me in the past 2-3 years.  Their own knowledge and experience has assisted me in building up my practise which currently has over 150 clients.  These clients range from the everyday builder, retail, designers, to owner managed companies and landlords.  The client base covers all manner of industries and sectors – some environmentally friendly pioneering climate change to the everyday pensioner trying to finance their way through life and including local charities who are attempting to meet the needs of those they serve.

I have one mission.  Using my skills, experience, and knowledge, to make accounting accessible to all, relevant and jargon free.  To assist those who wish to run and manage their own lives to navigate the rules imposed by governments and tax officials, and to come out stronger, meeting their goals and sustaining their businesses throughout their life until they retire.  For these people are the backbone to our society.  They are the life in our cities and towns.  They are the ones we need to care for and nurture.  And they live right next door.

If you decide to come on board with me, I will take you on this journey meeting the ordinary individual and helping them to build their business from start up to a thriving enterprise, navigating the regulations and pitfalls of ownership, and taking away the stress of the finance role by providing the information they need to make decisions, and calculating tax payments due, whilst benefitting from any available reliefs and opportunities that come their way from changes in the rules.

I believe in growth and building up from the bottom role, training and meeting high professional standards in passing examinations and key performance targets, so my assistants can manage their own client portfolio within this practise, and live their dream as a qualified Accounting Technician with AAT, or the accounting profession of their choice.  I reward innovation in the role, proactive ideas, great team performance, accuracy and timeliness of tasks, and the desire to build strong client relations.

The service I offer clients is a bespoke package that runs right alongside each client, taking away the stress of uncertainty, and replacing it with easy-to-understand reports, certainty about all taxes due, dates due for payment and management of those tax accounts, plus services to support the daily business finance role.

The client doesn’t have to love numbers.  We do.